1. Should I register for VAT?
Provided your Freezone or Local company has a turnover of more than 375,000 AED a year, it is required to register for VAT even if all output is sold abroad. Registration should be completed before the company reaches the 375K threshold. Please contact us for more information.
2. How long does it take to set up a company in the UAE?
It is very much dependent on the type of company and jurisdiction that the client is going to choose. Offshore companies can be registered in a few days, Freezones vary and can register within days to a maximum of a few weeks for the more complex cases. Onshore companies can be registered in a day if we are registering an establishment, but a branch of a foreign company may take between 4 to 6 weeks to register.
3. In which Freezone should I set up?
There is no one right answer to this question. The answer is very much dependant on the activity of the company someone is looking to set up, location as well as type of facilities they are after. If someone is looking to trade commodities for example, DMCC will be the most appropriate freezone to set up. With over 40 different Freezones in the UAE there are so options and alternatives. Please browse our Freezones page or contact us for no obligation consultation.
4. What is the best option set up as a local company or a Freezone company?
Again there is no right answer for all. Depending on where the company’s trading activities will take place, as well as the activities and license required there may be a number of options to consider. Mainland companies offer a freedom of operating anywhere in the UAE as well as unlimited number of employees to be registered with the company. On the other hand Freezone companies do offer expat shareholders to won 100% of the company even for any commercial activities. Please browse our Mainland and Freezone pages to find out more.
5. Why incorporate in the UAE?
There are so many advantages to set up in the UAE. There is no corporate or personal taxes, no limits on repatriation of income. The UAE offers a developed business hub with so many opportunities to develop more business locally.

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