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In addition to Company Registration Brownstone offers various other corporate services such as VAT consulting, Tax Domicile Certificate, Accounting and Audit, Estate Planning, Legalisation of documents and Legal Services
1. Tax Domicile Certificate
It is possible to acquire a UAE tax domicile certificate for local and Freezone companies as well as personal tax domicile certificate for residents. Personal certificates can be issued after six months of residency and company certificates can be issued after one year. The ministry of Finance now issues electronic certificates which are verifiable by an electronic link. TDCs are useful to be presented to financial institutions or tax authorities in order to verify one’s residency.
2. Accounting & Audit
In a number of Freezones as well as banks, it is a growing requirement for companies to carry out an audit by a registered UAE auditor and submit at the time of renewal of the company. We have partnered with UAE auditors in order to be able to mediate for our clients ensure that the process is seamless and efficient and submission are made in good time. As our firm employs a number of chartered accountants and registered auditors our experience will be an added value.
3. Estate Planning
It is important for corporates, SMEs and individuals to plan for the future their holdings and ascertain the continuity of their businesses as well as secure their assets and the future of their loved one. We are able to consult on the different alternatives in the UAE as well as abroad
4. Legalisation of documents
We are able to advise of the different types of legalisations required for incoming and outgoing company and personal documents. Instant quotations and a prompt service is offered. As our office has dealt with most government offices and embassies, instant guidance will be given
5. Legal Services
In the UAE, the legal system and the courts system is based on Sharia Law and practiced in Arabic only. In many cases this maybe a difficult process for expats who do not speak Arabic. Our office has partnered with local lawyers in order to facilitate the communication of English, French, and Russian speaking expats in cases of any legal action and courts representations. We ensure that the necessary translations are completed for all relevant documents and clients are kept well informed of their case progress. We ensure that we match every client with the best legal adviser for their case and support every step of the way.

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